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Jazz life is still alive between each Fall Festival. Keep on with the Music

SE:UM Korean Folk meet Jazz

The Port Theatre

April 5, 2024 at 7:30

The Port Theatre, Korean Cultural Centre & the Nanaimo International Jazz Festival present SE:UM In 2013, a group of jazz players and Korean traditional musicians started to play jam sessions based on traditional Korean folk melodies and shamanistic rhythms, eventually forming SE:UM. The eclectic quintet is comprised of saxophonist Hachul Song, trumpeter Jongsang Park, bassist Jaeha Lee, traditional percussionist Hanmin Cho, and gayageum (twelve-stringed Korean zither) player and music director Joon Lee. The members of SE:UM have learned to respect one another’s musicalities over the years and succeeded in breaking down the borders between their musical conventions, finding balance and harmony in their own music.

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