About the Nanaimo International Jazz Festival

The Nanaimo International Jazz Festival Association plans annual jazz festivals in Downtown Nanaimo and professional jazz events throughout the year.


  • To present an annual jazz festival in Downtown Nanaimo
  • To provide local opportunities for local and internationally known jazz artists
  • To increase tourism to downtown nanaimo through live jazz performance
  • To develop a greater appreciation and audience for jazz music by performing more of it locally
  • To work with other jazz festivals and organizations to help further the same and similar goals.

Nanaimo has a distinguished connection with jazz in its professional performers, some who have achieved national and international recognition as well as its jazz education programs in both the public schools and Vancouver Island University.

Our Board Members include:

  • Andrew Homzy, President
  • Greg Bush, Vice President
  • Carol Tisdale, Treasurer
  • Norm Abbey, Secretary
  • Dirk Heydemann, Director
  • Natasha Hoskins, Director
  • Brad Skeeles, Director

The Board recognizes efforts of past directors and many volunteers who helped pave the way to Nanaimo’s first International Jazz Festival. We’d also like to thank and credit HA Photography for many of the photos used on our website.